“Wanted to thank you for your help with ordering the vinyl gate. The gate and the hardware were perfect; I had no trouble installing it myself. Cut a section out of my porch railing for my cargo lift to have a stop point, and installed the gate. Looks great, thanks again for your patience and help.”


“I got the fence today. It looks great and seems to be very sturdy and of good quality. I am looking forward to setting it up around my farm in Denmark. Thanks for working with me!”


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“Your product is superior and I would recommend it to anyone.”


“Mr. […] was really impressed with the quality and beauty of the fence. He has had so many great comments on how it improved the value of the property. I want to thank everyone at Husker Vinyl on the professional way they handle orders and questions. I will refer all customers who ask about fence to Husker Vinyl.”

– Dean

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“I was very impressed with the precise cuts on all the vinyl. All the sections were right on and very straight. It made it very easy to install myself.”
~ Bryan

“I’ve been giving the Husker Vinyl website information to everyone who asks where we purchased the fence. We appreciate your excellent service and quality product.”
~ Charlotte

“I received my Husker vinyl fence Friday, April 23, 2010 as promised. I finished installing it the evening of April 29, 2010 and it looks fantastic. It definitely improved the curb appearance of our residence. I imagine our home’s value and there is no longer a threat with termite infestation. I want to say that it has been truly a pleasure conducting business with your company. A company that provides personal able customer service, a rare find into today’s demanding business world. Thank you for a stress free encounter.”
~ Don

“I just wanted to thank you for my purchase a couple of years ago. My basketweave fence added a 400 sq. ft. private patio to my home. I am very satisfied with my fence and really enjoyed your fine customer service.”
~ Howard

“Great Fence! Everyone Loves it! Thanks.”
~ John

“I received all the materials today in good shape. I want to thank you again for delivering a quality product at a fair price and if anybody asks me where I got my fencing materials I will gladly recommend your company.”
~ Mark

“Just wanted to let you know the lattice privacy fencing is wonderful. Our contractor finished placing it on top of our 5 ft. concrete block fence yesterday, and even before he was done, the mailperson stopped at the door to tell us how good it looked. Neighbors I had not talked to in months stopped in the middle of the street to tell me the same.”
~ Pam

“Just wanted to say thanks for your advice and excellent service this summer. Could not have done it without you!”
~ Roger

“The fence arrived today. Everything is perfect. Thanks very much for the good product, price and service!”
~ Tony

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“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding customer service I received from your company. Everything from the good prices to the extreme attention to detail, ensuring my order was exactly right, to the rush service above and beyond the call of duty, which allowed me to complete a contract on schedule. Due to a tight budget the home owners were at first planning to purchase fencing at a big chain home improvement store. The junk they sell would have cost these people approximately the same amount as your high quality material by the time I reinforced it to withstand a high wind and modified it to fit their desires (and it still wouldn not have looked as good). Thanks again for a job well done. Any future vinyl fencing job I may contract will definitely come your way.”
~ Kenneth

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“Your product is superior and I would recommend it to anyone.”
~ David

“The beach cottage renovations are complete and we are getting a lot of compliments from the neighbors on the narrow picket fence we installed this past spring. Thanks again, we are very pleased with the quality of the fence and great service.”
~ Mike

“Thank you for everything. I would recommend your company to anyone. We received several quotes from other fence manufacturers and dealers, but none compared to your service and assistance. Thank you again.”
~ Millie

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“Your company is one of the best to work with. I am looking forward to doing more business in the future.”
~ Alex

“Finally my project “New fence” is completed. The gate fits perfectly and looks great. Everyone who sees the new fence is giving compliments to your company”
~ Alex

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the fence. The quality of material was outstanding. My husband and I put it up ourselves (he is 66 and I am 63). Again, thank you for working with me on this. The neighbors are envious.”
~ Donna

“I am notifying you that the fence I ordered from you is finally out of the shipping crate that has been in my driveway for weeks and it is beautiful. It was installed in the morning of July 4th by a man and his 2 helpers. He did it as a side job and installs commercial fencing for his regular job. He was impressed with the product and made it look so easy to put up. I wanted to wait for my yard to be re-graded and sodded with more dirt on one side, because it was washed away from the house so much. Then it rained and my sod guy disappeared, and I had to find someone else. Anyway, it is done and looks so nice, solid and straight. My daughters and my dog, Godiva, love it. Thank you for making it so easy to figure out what I needed to order and take the fear out of online ordering by sending me samples. I am very satisfied and your price was competitive with local disc fence companies even with shipping. I LOVE MY NEW FENCE!”
~ Linda

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“Your product is excellent and your service is outstanding. Y’all get 10 out of 10 on the customer satisfaction rating scale. You will be recommended to our property owners who may need fencing.”
~ Bob

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“We are very pleased with the fence and appreciate the addition it makes to our home. We are pleased with your service and fair prices. It was a pleasure to do business with you.”
~ Bob and Thelma

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“I am extremely happy with how closely you were able to match our previous fence. There is no telling that they were done at different times. Not only that, but the way you package your shipments said a lot about your company and you as an owner, very impressive!”
~ John

“We love our beautiful fence from Husker Vinyl. We had the installation guys say this was the most beautiful one they have ever done. Thank you for your friendly and professional service. We have already recommended you to someone else. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”
~ Mike and Brenda

“I wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you and Husker Vinyl on my fence installation back in October through November last fall. The fence installation went great and everything went together as planned. I appreciate you working with me on the truck transport. Everything went well and the driver was able to back the big rig down the street. I believe the material looks great and has a better appearance than other white vinyl in the neighborhood. I have had a few people ask about the fence and have recommended Husker Vinyl. Your staff at Husker Vinyl was straight forward with questions, prices, purchasing, etc. and that made me comfortable with the entire purchase and installation.”
~ Nick

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“I have finished the installation and everything is great. A very nice product and the installation went just as expected. All the parts were fabricated correctly. Thank you for everything.”
~ Joe

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Shipment received. Please let […] know it was perfect. I appreciate his time and patience to get the right product for me so very much!”
~ Barb

We want to let you know that we are very pleased with the quality of material and workmanship along with the great service and accommodation you provided us.”
~ Dennis

As I have said before, we are very pleased with every aspect of the fence, materials, workmanship, and cost. We are very satisfied with Husker Vinyl and hope to be able to acquire materials for you next year for a fence project in another part of the yard.”
~ Dennis

I purchased a beautiful fence from Husker Vinyl. It looks incredible in our yard.”
~ Dianna

This is the first time I have ever called a company to tell them how their product and service exceeded my expectations! Everything arrived when you said it would and there was no damage at all. (This really surprised me based upon other shipments I have received in the past). I installed all eight of the railing sections yesterday and was 110% satisfied! All the rail sections were cut to the proper length and everything fit perfectly based on the dimensions I provided to Husker Vinyl. The project took much less time than I thought it would after I installed the first section. It looked beautiful and makes the front of the house look like one of the nicest in the neighborhood. Again, the product exceeded my expectations and looks better than I thought it would after installation. Thanks for providing a great product, sending me the samples, and exceeding my expectations with superior service.”
~ Larry

The fence was delivered on Friday October 24th and was installed on Saturday. It is beautiful. It was well worth the trip to Nebraska. I had looked at several fences and upon finding Husker Vinyl. I knew that this was just what I wanted. I was very impressed with the construction and ease of putting it together. Thank you again for all your help.”
~ Pam

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“The fence we put around the house really compliments the house as we have sandstone colored windows and trim. We have had lots of compliments on it, even from those who do not care for vinyl fencing. I was never a big fan of it myself, but I really like what your product has done for us. I think it has a lot to do with the sandstone color as you usually see white.”
~ Charlene

“I am very pleased with the quality of your product and ease of installation. I will recommend you to anyone who asks, “Where did you get your fence”. Thanks again.”
~ Jim

“Just want to let you know the fence has been delivered. We have started installing it, and we are very happy with the quality and construction. We highly recommend Husker Vinyl! Thanks a lot. It has been a pleasure to do business with you.”
~ Royce and Angela

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“I just received my order and WOW does it look good! I was very pleased to see all items, as ordered, delivered in a nice, neat, and well protected package. I Wish I could deal with more dealers like you.”
~ Austin

“Wow! This Fence looks amazing! I am very impressed and very happy I decided to buy from Husker Vinyl. My overall experience has been wonderful.”
~ Brian

“Please find the attached photos of the vinyl fencing we recently purchased from you. Everyone compliments the fencing and we absolutely love the look. I just wanted to share and thought you would like to see the final product.”
~ Karen

“This Husker Vinyl sunburst fence recently withstood 90 mph winds, while a neighboring fence was completely destroyed in a summer storm. We have had our Husker Vinyl fence for two years and have been very pleased with the appearance and durability. Several people have made positive comments about our beautiful fence, and we would highly recommend a Husker Vinyl fence to anyone.”
~ Keith and Betty

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“I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism! I appreciate how you have handled my order. I will definitely sing praises of your company.”
~ Brad

“I appreciate such a quick turnaround. Rest assured, any future needs I have for vinyl railings or fencing will be ordered from you. Great material and pricing along with great service. You cannot beat it!”
~ Danny

“I was building my house after Hurricane Katrina and I purchased all the vinyl railing from you. Your product is outstanding! It is easy to clean, retains its luster, and makes a great show on the property.”
~ Myles

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“We love your fencing. Thank you for making a great product.”
~ Dan

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“I have recommended your company to a few people I know are planning similar projects, in the upcoming months. Good business is hard to find, and you have been great to work with. Your product is great.”
~ Dave

“Thanks again for your staff’s prompt attention and the great fencing. I hope we will do business again in the future. We have received good comments from the neighbors regarding the new fence. Husker Vinyl is highly recommended.”
~ Edward

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“Our 8 foot homestead gate and fence have been successfully installed. Frank and I wish to thank you for our first class treatment. Sometimes online ordering can go either way. You and your team made this a positive experience.”
~ Frank and Martha

“The packages arrived last week and I installed them Sunday. They were packed beautifully and measured to perfection. It was a pleasure working with you.”
~ Richard

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“I received the fence on time and in great shape. We completed the installation and I cannot tell you how pleased we are. If you ever need recommendations, just let me know. It is great stuff. It is beautiful.”
~ Chris

“Fence looks great; it has gotten lots of compliments. It is perfect for our pool area!”
~ Ed

“I have my new rail installed and it is perfect. It looks great. It was easy and problem free doing business with you. Thank you!”
~ Marylou

“The material arrived and it fits perfect. Thank you for your help.”
~ Tanya

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“You guys really do sell a quality product. Thanks!”
~ Eric

“We received our fence on Friday and planned on installing it over the holiday weekend. The fence was so easy to install that we finished it in one day! It also matched our old fence perfectly, thanks to Ron’s customization. I will definitely recommend your company to others. Everyone I worked with could not have been nicer.”
~ Jean

“Just a short note to let you know my gate arrived, and it was exactly what I was looking for. It is more than I expected. Thanks for a good job.”
~ Loren

“Great job! The fencing fit like a glove. Thanks for your help.”
~ Tom

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“I received the order on Friday and installed it Sunday. Everything was perfect. Thanks again for the prompt service and assistance. It looks great.”
~ Myles

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“I would recommend Husker Vinyl to anybody. Thank you for all your time and effort. It looks GREAT!”
~ David

“Thank you so much. We love the fence. I especially love the latches on the gates. They work so effortlessly.”
~ Kathy

“Again we want to thank you for the great service we received from you and your company. Husker Vinyl is very professional with great customer service! We both dearly enjoyed doing business with you. I will highly recommend you and your company in the future to anyone who is interested in vinyl products.”
~ Marv and Carolyn

“We LOVE the fence and get compliments all the time!”
~ Matt

“I wanted to send you a quick thank you note for having such a quality fence. Although, going with another fence company would have saved us some money, after these strong winds we have been having, we would have been replacing panels! I look around the houses in our general area that obviously have less quality fencing, and they are missing panels. With no wind block, our fence is a direct testimony to the fence your company produces. Thank you for a great fence with no headaches! Sometimes quality IS well worth a few extra dollars and I am so happy we stuck with Husker Vinyl!”
~ Trina

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New Jersey

“The gate is installed and working well. My son and his wife love it. Thanks for your help and the great service.”
~ Tom

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New York

“As a home owner, I had installed cedar full round post and rail fence 30 years ago. The installation was done by me creosoting the posts, using drainage stones, and red wood staining the fence. Each succeeding year it became necessary to replace a couple of rails and an occasional post along the 130 foot fence and stain it as well. My son who is a contractor suggested we go with a vinyl fence and end the yearly repairs. I was a bit skeptical and went to our local supply house to look at vinyl fencing. Their fence was 4″ and the man said to strengthen it, it was necessary to put wood inside of it. My son went online and discovered your company and the quality of your product. He contacted Ron for more information and an opinion on the suitability of your fence for the task. Ron was patient and helpful and assisted in placing the order. We were delighted with the quality and strength of the product line just as we had been told.”
~ John

“Just writing to say how much we love your fence. It looks great and really enhances the look of our property, as well as serving as a viable fence for our sheep. We are also looking to install more of your fence in the next coming years.”
~ Kevin

“Just a note to say that the fence I purchased from you is beautiful. It went together easily and I would recommend it to anyone. Our old New England house is on Main Street here in New York so I have people daily telling me what a lovely fence we have.”
~ William

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North Carolina

We received the fence. We have three sides up. The neighbors keep asking where we bought it because it is so much heavier and sturdier than Home Depots, and other similar shops. We keep giving them your name and telling them about the website to get a quote. We are very satisfied with the quality. By the way, the gate is absolutely great. We had a vinyl fence with a gate before, and there is no comparison.”
~ Herb

I just unloaded my fencing materials. Everything appears to be ok! I just printed out the instructions, so I think we are all set. Thank you and the rest of your staff for great service.”
~ Karla

Thanks for the quick response and all of the outstanding support. It has made our fence building a much more pleasant experience.”
~ Me

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North Dakota

“For lack of what to call the garbage storage area, I simply invented the name, “Garbage Corral”. I just love how everything turned out. Your products are absolutely wonderful. The garbage corral solved the eye sore issue with the black garbage vessel, given to us by the city that we must use. It is also in the pictures, hidden behind the enclosure. We just had no convenient place to put it except along that outside wall of the garage, and I didn’t want to keep it inside the garage. So, I thought and thought about how to solve that problem. This worked out perfect. Thank you for all of your work on helping us put this all together. I am totally amazed how we could do business over the Internet and get this all to turn out.”
~ Patricia

“Fence arrived today in good shape. I now understand how you can make the slope work for uneven ground. It looks pretty simple. Thanks for the great service and if the neighbors ask, I will direct them to you. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated.”
~ Roger

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“Myself, and the two guys I had hired were extremely pleased with how well the product was designed, engineered, and how well it fit together. The quality appeared to be top notch. The color, Khaki, and the true grain finish, was just what we expected. My wife and I think the fence looks great, as well as my two neighbors. The fence is GREAT and I would highly recommend Husker Vinyl products.”
~ Bill

“I received the fencing for my pool on Friday the 15th and I installed it on the 18th and 19th. It looks great. Everything was there that I needed and I appreciate the prompt delivery. You did everything I asked and we are very happy with Husker Vinyl. I will spread the word, and hopefully you will get some business out of it.”
~ Bill

“Thanks for all of your help on my project. I got my railings up Memorial Day. I did it by myself in about six hours. I got a lot of compliments from the neighbors. Thanks again for your help, you guys exceeded my expectations.”
~ Bob

“Thanks again for your attention. Service like yours is a rare occurrence these days. I would recommend your product to anyone, and have to several neighbors who have stopped to compliment the project.”
~ David

“Thank you, the gate is excellent and has great craftsmanship.”
~ Joel

“Your product was extremely easy to work with and install. Thanks again for your help.”
~ Scott

“The vinyl is indeed thicker and the quality is far greater than those available from local home improvement stores. I just wanted to let you know we are very pleased. I was somewhat apprehensive about ordering a product online that cannot be seen or touched prior to arrival. I expected the worst. How wonderful it is to be wrong! I am a very satisfied customer!”
~ Steve

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“I just wanted to thank you for all the assistance in planning and coordinating the entire fence project. Linda and I are happy with the final project and the overall appearance of the fence, and mailbox support. It was a pleasure working with you and Husker Vinyl.”
~ Doug

“The fence is in! All of your custom work was perfect, as well as the shipment. Thank you for working to get the right material for me. It was a pleasure working with you.”
~ Jim

Well it finally dried up enough here to get the fence in, and boy does it look great! It all went really well and I could not be happier with the end result!”
~ Tim

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“We just wanted to let you know how much we like your product! We have been installing the railing that we recently purchased a few at a time, due to the weather. They are beautiful and so easy to install! They are sturdy and very well made! I was concerned about purchasing them sight-unseen and online, but the experience from selection, purchase, shipment, and installation has been a pleasure.”
~ Allen and Peggy

“I had recently bought a vinyl fence from a company and thought I got a good deal. Well let me tell you, the fence that I had bought had the pickets glued on the vinyl. With the cold weather we had, the glue did not hold. We have two dogs that bumped up against them and broke the pickets off. I went on the internet and found a company, Husker Vinyl, that makes vinyl fence and other vinyl products. I spoke with Ron and he told me about his fence, and how it is made. When you are from Pennsylvania and the company is hundreds of miles away, you cannot see what you are buying and do not know if the product is good. I took a chance, and bought fence from them. I did pay a few dollars more, but it was worth it. This fence was so easy to put together and the company used no glue. The company cut holes in the top and bottom rails, and the pickets slid through the holes locking in place. Take a chance, and if you are in the market for vinyl fence, give Ron a call. You will not be sorry.”
~ Dave

“This is an enclosure for the trash containers. Now, taking out the garbage is a pleasure! Thanks for an outstanding product and exceptional and personal customer service. As a designer, it will be my pleasure to recommend Husker Vinyl to my clients!”
~ Iris

“The railing went up easy as you said. Thank you so much for all of the help.”
~ John and Honey

“We received a lot of complements on our fence. We will sure send the business your way. In the near future, we will be replacing our wooden porch rails with vinyl. I will be contacting you. Thank you for the awesome service and great quality fencing. We look forward to your service again in the near future.”
~ Lisa

“You have a great product and excellent service. The sections I have up so far look perfect. Thanks again.”
~ Sam

“I cannot thank you enough for all of your hospitality. If you ever need a reference for an out of state sale, please feel free to use my name. I have already given your name to several people in this area who are interested in fencing. Thanks again for everything!”
~ Todd

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South Carolina

“I just wanted to let you know that we received the section of vinyl fencing, and it could not have worked out better. My husband had absolutely no trouble with it. It was perfect! I just wanted to thank you again for your help.”
~ Kathleen

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the fence on Friday. It was very well packaged and none of the pieces, so far, have been damaged during shipping. I have started the fence assembly and am very pleased with the way it looks. I will definitely recommend Husker Vinyl to anyone in the market for a new fence.”
~ Shawn

“I just thought I would let you know that I received the railings two days after you notified me that it was shipped, great service! The material arrived in excellent shape and all of the parts were enclosed in the proper amounts. I just got through putting it together, and found the task to be as simple as anyone could ask for. The quality is excellent, better than I could get at a big box store. I want to thank you for your dedication to satisfy your customers. I certainly will purchase from you again as the need arrives, and will recommend your company to anyone that has a need for any vinyl products. Thanks again.”
~ Tom

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South Dakota

“You guys are probably one of the best companies I have ever dealt with! I will put the word out with pool customers and everyone else.”
~ Joe

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“My son and I put up the porch railing and we are very happy with the outcome. I will recommend your product and workmanship to anyone.”
~ Carl

“I received the pallet on Wednesday. It has been my experience that when you place an online order, and you get what you expect from the product, people generally do not offer feedback to the company. I wanted to let you know in this case, I did not get what I expected, I got much more. The pallet of materials was packed extremely well. The courier was excellent. The product was all there and not damaged, and it was better quality than I expected. It was a breeze to install. I had installed aluminum fencing in the past and this was faster and easier. I could not be more pleased with this purchase. I had purchased similar products at a local home store and could not have had it delivered across town for less than the shipping on your product. If given a chance, I will not hesitate to send business your way. Thanks again.”
~ Roger

“I wish to thank you for engineering the order for our vinyl railing. It has been installed and it is beautiful, just beautiful! I am so happy. No more scraping, sanding, finishing, and treating that old rusting iron railing! Your help was invaluable in getting exactly the items and amount needed. Placement of the pickets, the estimate, and quick shipment were all easy with your help. You did a marvelous job. The packaging of the materials was perfect, not a scratch anywhere. I am so happy with my Husker Vinyl railing and will wholeheartedly recommend you and your products and services to anyone. Thank you again, and again, and again.”
~ Wanda

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“We had a super storm and tornados around here a couple of nights ago, and our new fence withstood it all! Gliders were in the pool, furniture blew across the patio, but our fence is fine! Good fence and great installation, I think!”
~ Connie

“I appreciate all of your help and professionalism throughout the project. The fence came out really beautiful. We look forward to completing the next phase of the project with you in the near future. Thanks again for your patience and understanding.”
~ Troy

“Brandon did an outstanding job working with me on this fence. When I first contacted Husker Vinyl, I did not expect to buy fence materials from you. After working with Brandon a while, I realized the high quality of your fence materials and the many options we had. I contacted Brandon many times to work all of this out, and he was always very patient and friendly.”
~ William

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“I wanted to let you know that the materials I purchased from a previous order, matched up well in regard to the same existing fence I am repairing with this order. The color has not faded as it has with my existing fence, and the materials are far more durable and superior. I have been very happy with your fencing, and plan to continue to purchase this material for all future repairs and improvements. Thanks for your service!”
~ Jody

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“I just wanted to follow up with you. The fence has been installed and looks awesome! Thanks for the great service and product!”
~ Denise

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“The pool fence has been up for a year now and it looks terrific. We are happy we bought quality fencing from Husker Vinyl in Nebraska, rather than the cheap stuff locally.”
~ Bill

“The keystone railing kit arrived yesterday, and I managed to get it installed in about an hour this morning. The fit between my two existing columns was perfect. The instructions were clear enough to make the installation an easy job.”
~ Jim

“I just wanted to tell you how completely delighted we are with the gates you built for us. They are beautiful, fit perfectly, and are a snap to open and close. Our installer was totally overwhelmed by the simplicity of the hardware, and how easy it was to put together. He kept saying “This is the best kit I have ever seen”. Hopefully our neighbors will be as pleased with our gates as we are, and will order from you. You have a great product. You are to be commended!”
~ Katherine

“I just wish to thank you for the quick delivery of the products. My porch turned out excellent. Everybody loves the new porch! Thanks for all of your help. I have referred you to 3 of my neighbors already, and to 4 of my wife’s customers. Again thanks!”
~ Theodore

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“The product you sold us is the highest quality. It is manufactured with extreme attention to detail, and packaged and delivered with the utmost professionalism.”
~ George

“Just wanted to let you all know, my deck is finally done and the railing really sets off the Madera Trex decking I installed. The railings were delivered on time, before our graduation party. Many of the guests were very impressed with the beauty of the railings. I just wanted to send you this email to let you know your product was easy to install. Once we got the hang of it, it was installed in no time at all. Thanks to all of you that have had any part in getting this product built, packaged, and shipped. We are very happy. I just love sitting on my deck and looking out over my yard. I will recommend your products to anyone interested in maintenance free beautiful railings.”
~ Mike

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West Virginia

“This is just a short line to let u know my porch is finished and looks great. The contractor that was installing it says the material was very well made and a quality product. I am very pleased with the appearance and detail of selection.”
~ Loyd

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“It looks great. Thanks again for all of your help in the ordering process. You have wonderful customer service and we will refer you to our friends.”
~ Beth

“People are always commenting on how great the fence looks.”
~ Kim

“Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you to say thanks for all you did to help us out. You did a great job! People told me I was crazy to pick a company and product sight unseen from the internet. We could not have been happier with the service we received and the quality of the product. It was an all-around great experience! Thanks again for everything. We love our fence!”
~ Kim and Dennis

“My sons and son in law had the fence up and completed in 3 hours Saturday morning. We rented a power hole-digger. It went beautifully. Thanks, we really like it. It is very well constructed”
~ Ted

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